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Kristin L. Mitchell sought daddy’s love in all the wrong places and people. Today, she is still seeking daddy’s love. Her story will travel you down the road to her restoration through pain, anger, therapy sessions that felt like episodes of Dr. Phil, promiscuity, attempts of suicide, and stints in mental wards.

He Wasn’t My Daddy is not only a memoir that is a page-turner, but inspires and enlightens. Kristin L. Mitchell’s recapitulation of a life that was filled with experiences about a young girl, who grew up without a father, is extremely telling and heartfelt. Kristin has lived through abusive relationships and bad decisions in her dating and social life, resulting in suicide attempts, and run-ends with law enforcement.

He Wasn’t My Daddy takes you on a journey of exploring the effects absent fathers have on their daughters, exploring fatherlessness, mental illness, depression, promiscuity and suicide.

This book tells all. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is kept secret.